Sofía Moro is a freelancephotographer and a photography teacher based in Madrid, Spain.
For more than a decade, her work often appears  in many of the main Spanish editorial publications such as the Sunday magazine for the Spanish daily El País as well as in other magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair. In demand by Spanish and international magazines, Moro is known especially for her incisive and moving portrait work and profiles of artists, writers, filmmakers, political activists, and politicians. She has been awarded a FotoPress grant in 1999 and was garlanded with the first prize for portraits by FotoNikon in 2009.

A passion for social justice and striving for human rights inform Moro’s personal projects. She colaborates with PERSONAS Internacional in many projects and Is actually working in a Global project supported by BBVA fundation.

She is the author of three monographs:
Ellos y Nosotros, published by Blume, 2006. A photo essay that features contemporary portraits, oral histories, and archival images of people who fought on opposite sides during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

Defensores, published by Personas International, 2008. Captures the images of Human Rights Defenders around the world.

-Sofía Moro (2012).The PhotoBolsillo Collection, the foundational library by La Fabrica, devoted to Spanish, Latin American, and African photographers, has published an edition that looks exclusively at her work.